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I make one of a kind, hand built, original design,sculpture/ furniture. My designs are based on known structural methods of joinery and then taken in unexpected directions. I use recycled wood, and “urban logs”, from homes, farms, and yards in Northern California, so all my work is made with a minimal footprint on our environment. The wood is a major part of the creative process, not only as its’ medium,but as a partner in the design process too. Each piece is designed around the wood. Consideration is taken to color, form and grain pattern, so that the whole is enhanced by the abilities and direction the wood suggests. This makes my work alive ·and vibrant as it is not merely structure with elaboration, but design with organic movement and the acknowledgement of its live origin. My work does have a usability that makes it craft in many peoples eyes, but it also has a spirituality and aesthetics with a social message.

I view my work as making shrines to nature. Each piece fills me with awe of the life around us and the beauty to be found in that” body” of wood rising from the felled tree and bum pile to be held up as a reborn example of natural grandeur. I strive to make the whole of the piece seem both familiar and sacred, so that it is recognizable and relatable, and yet has an element of mystery, as if it were from some exotic culture. I believe all truth has an element of a paradox. This is my goal, to be creative and utilize wood as the amazing life entity it is, to raise awareness to the value of that life through the beauty and interest created from the body of a tree, and for all nature, to spread this awareness through · the ownership by individuals that live with and appreciate the life and artistry as a talisman to our environment.


Art is a touchstone

Everyone likes to have beautiful things. Having that special item from your grandmother adds to your comfort. Having an expensive piece of jewelry makes you feel special and beautiful yourself. Owning a piece of art makes everyone who sees it understand something...

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Experiencing Life

I just returned from a canoe trip 68 miles down the Green River in Utah. It was a wonderful experience, with trials ,efforts and amazing paybacks. The American Southwest is an astonishing landscape unlike anywhere else on earth. Most other vistas go off to the skyline...

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How long did it take to make that?

I was talking with an old friend the other day about the meaning behind the creations that artists make. Sounds silly maybe, but the most often asked question is" how long did it take to make that?" What they really mean is "how can I place a value on this ", because...

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