My objective in building furniture is to work predominantly in recycled and “found” wood. Being in the construction industry for 20 years has opened my eyes to the excessive waste of materials that is common practice. I started saving paneling, beams, trees taken out to clear land and discovered that beautiful wood can come from down the street, or my neighbor’s yard. Agricultural waste such as prune boxes, hop props and water tanks can be utilized to astounding ends as beautiful wood to make furniture.


Many people value furniture that has been handed down generation to generation. Building value into furniture that can be loved and lasts takes time, knowledge and an artist’s understanding of design. Mortise and tenon joints, dovetail drawers, doweled jambs all make strong furniture that can last for generations.

The responsibility is for the furniture maker to be mindful in the use of our natural resources, so that what is made can last long enough to allow the next generation of forests to grow. You can have a beautiful living environment with peace of mind, knowing you have added beauty to your home with hand-built, artisan-quality, one of a kind, recycled and “found wood” furniture.

Creating with recycled and sustainable woods. Handcrafted and individually make to add warmth and beauty to your environment.

“Saved Wood: Wood that would be destroyed in the process of industry; i.e. demolition, land clearing for construction, tree trimming and agriculture.