Everyone likes to have beautiful things. Having that special item from your grandmother adds to your comfort. Having an expensive piece of jewelry makes you feel special and beautiful yourself. Owning a piece of art makes everyone who sees it understand something about you and your values. Art is only one of many kinds of prestigious things we can own and desire to have. Art adds value to our lives
Many things speak to you as a person because they relate to experiences you remember with warmth and fondness; like when you were a child and played in the woods, or the summer your parents took you to the cabin at a lake with the chorus of frogs. Most people have a personal association even if they no longer spend much time out in the wild. That connection is important as it gives us all an awareness of how we fit into a world that is large, and seemingly extraordinary in its power and splendor. We remember that feeling of wonder at the world outside. This is an experience that makes us human.The feeling of awe when we face nature in all its diverse forms.
Our homes are the environment that makes us comfortable and where we spend time with our families.It gives us a place to be safe. Our house separates us from the world at large, which is desired in a storm,but it also keeps us insulated from many good things outside. We spend a lot of money on stuff that will fill our homes and make it a place of comfort and beauty. We want it to be a place that reflects who we are and what is important to our lives.
Art is a way to keep in contact with the inner values we hold and love. It can make us remember why life is enchanting and keep us connected to the wonder of nature and the magic that we have seen in the world. It can speak to all the experiences you have had, and bring out the feelings of that long ago child in the woods. What value you place in a piece art reflects your inner experiences and emphasizes who you are to everyone who sees it . Art is a touchstone to our lives. It brings us closer to ourselves.